10 Must-Try Productivity Apps to Supercharge Your Workday

As team members are working from the comfort of their homes, the necessity of utilizing tools that will keep the employees motivated and stay on track during the workday is gaining more and more importance. Given below are 10 apps and software that will help employees stay motivated and focused till the end of their working hours.

In addition to encouraging using pomodoro techniques (working on something for 20 minutes at a time, taking breaks in between, etc) with their time management tool Engross, the trees would be planted for every single one of your users!


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    Notion is an all-purpose workflow, knowledge management and note-taking software with broad configurability. Users find themselves in a playland where they can shape Notion into just the information environment they like.

    Examples of page templates are calendar, to-do list, blank post, database views. They all may be shown in inline or full page view. An infinite number of subpages may be the children of a top-level page.


    There’s Engross, a productivity app that uses Pomodoro methods to help you focus for 20 minutes at a time, with short breaks in between before you continue. Stay on track and an app-cultivated tree blooms on your screen next to your document – and collaborating with other users is easier when you don’t have to exchange emails about documents.

    Calendly sets things up for you by removing the need for the email tennis about when to get together: just indicate when you’re free and give people a link.


    Whether for students keeping coursework on track or for freelancers with hundreds of tasks in play, Todoist is at your side.

    create tasks using natural-language input, and switch between different views to review and plan your work, such as Today View and Upcoming View.

    The app also tracks milestones, and can be easily plugged into a Gantt chart (via a plug-in, of course). The built-in pomodoro timer even helps with tracking productivity and focus.


    One of the purest representatives of the note-taking app genre, Evernote is an established name in the space, known for its versatility of features and intuitive user interface. The main goal of this app is to make the process of capturing notes, accessing them, organising them anywhere on any device, and searching for them as easy as ABC.

    Writers will find it invaluable as it can be used to capture research for an article or book, as well as helping to organise thoughts around your ideas. Evernote has strong project management and task tracking features.


    Calendly ask users to link their calendars so that their availability is correct in the app and that they can choose which dates or periods they want to block in their calendar.

    Calendly permits a user’s counterpart to select an open time slot according to both parties’ availability.


    Homebase, a free app for hourly or shift workers, can help keep an entire team updated. The current version offers a simple, no-frills employee communication platform, and the software automates numerous time-consuming processes related to scheduling, payroll and team messaging.

    Find an app for getting things done to allow your team to contribute and provide feedback on tasks, as well as create processes with automated praise notifications to keep motivation up and participation higher. This will boost engagement as well as keep everyone feeling in control and accountable.

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