How to Change Phone Companies When on a Cell Phone Assistance Program

There are a number of reasons why you would want to change cell phone companies, regardless of what program you may be on. If you are on Lifeline and have already qualified and enrolled, you may be with a cell phone assistance program Oklahoma-based, or elsewhere in the nation, that you aren’t happy with. That’s okay. It’s easier than you think to change your service provider when you are using Lifeline.

Reasons for Changing Phone Companies

You don’t need a reason to change phone companies. You are a human like anybody else and don’t need to explain your choices of the service provider.

Even so, there are a number of reasons you might change. A very common reason for changing is that you want a new device, and someone else is offering a free one. Yours may be broken, outdated, or doesn’t meet your needs anymore. It doesn’t matter.

In this world, you need a functioning connection per the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This is why the law provides for you to have access to a cell phone assistance program, to begin with. Change your service provider if you want to, whenever you want.

How to Change Your Company

It’s a matter of a few steps to change service providers for cell phone assistance, but that is the case for anyone in the country that is changing providers.

You just need to contact the company that is offering the same benefit and ask them to transfer your benefit to their service. You may need to be verified again to confirm that you are eligible. You will then need to consent to the new company to have your benefit transferred. You should not experience an interruption in your service.

Change Companies Today

If you want to change cell phone service providers and are on Lifeline, it’s easy to change providers. Just call them today and get the process started.

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