QUBIS – Wireless, Smart, Stylish Modular Entertainment

We use multiple devices in our daily lives. Our lives are incomplete without these gadgets. Though the advancement in technology has provided us with ease at the same time, it gets difficult to handle all the electronics that we use in our day to day work. From smartphone to laptop, music players and chargers: we have to carry all these where ever we go be it at work, school or at a picnic with the family. These are essentials and carrying them along wherever you go is necessary. We all know, we have to carry speakers, chargers and other gadgets with us whenever we are out at some picnic or traveling a long distance. We require some source of entertainment to keep us relaxed and allow us to do our work on the way.

Understanding the need of time Qubis Technologies with the support of Kickstarter present you a rare invention of the 21st century which will further make your life contented and comfortable. The device is called the Qubis which is Wireless, Smart, Stylish Modular Entertainment. This multimedia device is made to satisfy your specific entertainment needs expanding your lifestyle from a small hub to all what you stand in need off.


It is a multipurpose modular device providing the users with high-quality speakers, light and power bank all attached to one hub to give you an improved and desirable experience comparatively better than precious inventions.


All the components can be detached from the hub and attached according to need and requirement. You can connect any of the components on either side of the hub. Interestingly, if one of the components is detached, it won’t have any effect on the whole device because all work separately and have different functions to perform.


We at Qubis Technologies believe that wires are the matter of past and now it is an era of portable devices which will enable you to continue with your work and other activities on the go making lives hassle-free than they were ever before. The hub is charged through power bank and has a long-lasting battery giving you plenty of time to enjoy.

Easy to carry

The device is very lightweight. It will not occupy much of your space hence you can carry it with you in your luggage anywhere you go. As all the components are detachable so you can take the required parts of the device with you leaving the rest behind.

The device is stylish and voguish in its design made specifically to upgrade and enhance your outdoor experience. Not only it provides you with the facility of speakers and light but you can also charge your other devices most importantly your smartphones using this hub. 

This hub provides you with a quality experience which allows you to do everything at your ease. Qubis is one major invention of today which won’t bother you much and do its job for you. So what are you waiting for the show, your support for this easy-peasy device which will double your enjoyment and provide you with nuisance free entertainment.

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