The Best Accounting Software Solutions For Small Businesses

Accounting software streamlines laborious accounting tasks, expedites tax preparation and minimizes the chance for human error. It helps you meet the demands of today’s modern businesses.

No matter if you’re an accountant or small business owner, finding the best accounting software is essential for keeping your company compliant with IRS and CRA requirements. With Sage 50 accounting software, finding what works best for your needs will be a breeze!


NetSuite is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package designed to assist businesses manage their financial operations. It’s scalable and modular, making it simple to add features as your business expands.

Your employees can securely access information on any device with an internet connection, enabling them to work from any location. They’ll receive alerts and use drag-and-drop tools to customize dashboards with metrics, charts, graphs, reminders and shortcuts.

NetSuite also boasts cutting-edge features for approval of transactions and bills, such as its Approval Routing feature which follows industry benchmark approval processes and internal controls to help your business remain accountable with every transaction.

NetSuite is an ideal option for companies seeking to automate accounting tasks and boost profitability. It provides a comprehensive cloud-based financial management system that can transform your general ledger, optimize AR processes, automate AP procedures and simplify tax administration – as well as comply with various financial regulations like ASC 606, GAAP or SOX. With NetSuite you won’t miss a beat!


FreshBooks is an online accounting program that offers users a range of features and advantages. It helps users send invoices, keep track of expenses, manage projects and clients – plus it has a mobile app and customer support team who answer phone calls within three rings.

For small businesses that need to create invoices, track payments and manage expenses, FreshBooks is the ideal accounting software solution. It’s speedy and dependable – you can create an invoice in under a minute!

FreshBooks also allows you to connect your bank account and credit card, automating receipt uploading. This makes it simple to keep track of expenses – saving time when tax season arrives!

FreshBooks makes it simple to invite team members, such as business partners, employees, contractors and accountants. Each user is granted their own set of permissions which restrict what they can view and do within the software.


Neat is an accounting solution designed to replace spreadsheets and handwritten notes with a user-friendly platform. It assists businesses track expenses, manage billing, and analyze data to make better business decisions.

Neat allows small businesses to create customized invoices that clients can pay online via credit or debit cards or bank transfers managed by WePay. Furthermore, the service offers a range of transaction reports to help users gain insight into what’s going on in their accounts.

Neat’s receipt tracking software makes it easy for you to scan, upload and store all of your business receipts in the cloud. It utilizes OCR and human data verification technologies for accuracy in each receipt scanned or uploaded. With Neat you can categorize spending, organize files, create reports and integrate with other programs seamlessly.


Xero is one of the premier accounting software solutions for small businesses. Its user-friendly interface makes it effortless to manage accounts and run reports, plus its insightful dashboard provides insightful business data.

Furthermore, Xero can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection – making it a major selling point for many small businesses.

Another advantage of this application is its integration with other applications, such as time tracking, practice management, CRM and e-commerce. This helps companies reduce manual work and streamline processes.

The software also features a robust backup system to protect data loss due to hardware malfunctions or malicious activity. Plus, its excellent customer support team are accessible via live chat and email for added peace of mind.

Xero’s pricing is quite reasonable, especially considering the features it provides. The entry-level plan costs around $12 a month, while its premium plan costs $15 without any introductory discounts.

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