Why Is Filtering Your Vacuum Pump Oil Necessary?

Vacuum pumps are used in everything from preserving food to building electronics to keeping contaminants from ruining your work. You can find many different types of pumps to fit your needs but knowing some of the basics of maintenance can help keep you from having to buy a new one as often. For example, some vacuum pumps do not have filters attached to them, but all of them rely on clean oil to operate. This means knowing how to filter and change your oil is an important skill.

Contaminant Build Up

The oil in your vacuum pump meets a lot of things every time you use it because that is how it is designed to work. The oil in your pump traps the air and contaminant particles to keep your vacuum pure. With the right busch oil filter, you can keep those things from building up inside your oil and pump. The manual which came with your pump can help you find any replacement parts you need as well as walk you through an oil change on your unit. This can keep your oil clean so that it can lubricate the inside of your machine as well as be better able to trap new contaminants and particles to create a better vacuum.

Pump Wear and Tear

The dirtier your oil is, the more those contaminating particles rub against the mechanisms of your pump. This can cause damage to your equipment and reduce the capacity to create a pure vacuum. This can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system, allow dust particles to contaminate your electronics and much more. By performing routine maintenance on your pump, as prescribed by the manufacturer, you can keep it running better for longer.

Filtering the oil in your vacuum pump is a necessary piece of maintenance that can save you time and money in the long run. Whether you have a home unit for your HVAC or food preservation, or an industrial unit for your manufacturing company, having filtered pump oil can make all the difference.

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