Computer Types – What Is a Computer?

A computer is an integrated machine which is able to execute multiple sets of mathematical or logical operations automatically without the need for human intervention. Modern computers are able to do almost all general sets of activities such as manipulating numbers, controlling display formats and so on. These activities can be carried out by the use of software or a computer program. The computer is used in almost every field of life including education, industry, finance, medical etc. Today there are various different types of computers available in the market which have made life easier for people. These computers not only help in increasing the speed of your tasks but also make your work much easier.

A computer is divided into two main categories, namely desktop computers and personal computers. Desktop computers are the ones that can be placed in a desk or a table. They are smaller than the Laptop or the Desktop and contain less number of circuits. Desktop computers are also known as laptops or notebook computers. Personal computers are much larger and contain more number of circuits. They are suitable for people who work on their computers for longer durations.

Earlier the desktop computers were used for important calculations. However, with the development of chip technology, the processing power of desktop computers started reducing leading to the popularity of the portable laptop. A small notebook can hold about 500 songs, 100 graphics cards, 30 multimedia files and many other computer software. Today, the laptop computers can fit into a coat pocket, which has room to hold about four to six CDs. The evolution of mass storage devices such as hard disks, USB drives, thumb drives etc made it possible to have a small personal computer inside the palm of your hand.

Desktop computers can also be divided into different types such as laptop, personal computer and tablet PC. A laptop can be regarded as a miniature desktop. These handheld personal devices contain different types of hardware such as RAM, video card, hard disk, battery and other electronic components. It is portable and can be carried around without any major problems. On the contrary, a tablet PC is similar to a laptop but is smaller and used to view documents and information on the screen.

Most of the modern personal computers are powered by a combination of microprocessor and standard hardware such as hard disk, motherboard, CPU and graphic system. Microprocessor is the central processing unit of the computer designed to perform various tasks related to the execution of software programs. The task performed by the microprocessor is to turn the computer into a data processing device. As mentioned above, the recent technologies such as Intel and AMD are used to develop these computers. AMD is an acronym for Advanced Embedded Technology and a well-known maker of personal computers. Intel is a consumer oriented company that designs, manufactures, distributes and supports products related to personal computers.

The third type of computer is referred to as the Desktop computer. Desktop computers are smaller in size and used to execute basic functions. Desktop personal computers are made to present a graphical user interface which is similar to that of a traditional personal computer. Desktop computers use a CPU, keyboard, mouse, monitor, and specialised devices to output and present information to the user. They differ from the personal computer in the way they are powered and their basic structure. A laptop or tablet PC can also be classified as a desktop computer, as it uses a more powerful central processing unit (CPU) to run applications

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