Clean Sources of Energy To Explore Amid The Global Climate Disaster

Technology is an enabler. It has enhanced the creation of tools that bring the world together, like Facebook and Twitter, and digital currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium. However, electricity is the main component that makes all this possible. In addition, the world is a global village; thus, a vast amount of its resources are shared among neighboring countries or continents in some cases. Despite this, some regions still lack or have insufficient electricity.

Fortunately, innovation within the energy sector has resulted in the discovery of new sources of energy that produce electricity through cost-effective processes that don’t pollute the environment. They include:

Solar Panels

These are an assembly of photovoltaic(PV) cells that use sunlight to generate electricity. They convert at least 22% of their energy into electricity. In addition, you can use them at homes, schools, small base areas, and even industrial hubs.

This energy is clean as it is generated from the sun and is available in areas that receive sufficient sunlight.

Microgrid Technology

This is a connected set of resources that provides electricity from a central utility provider. Microgrid controls can either be solar-powered, wind-powered, or generator-powered. As a result, they can convert energy expenses into secure sustainable energy savings. Additionally, microgrid technology is being embraced in residential homes, commercial spaces, and Bitcoin mining. Also, it can be used in military barracks and remote areas.

Wind Energy

It’s the most common means of producing electricity. As a result, wind energy adoption has been consistently growing in the US, with at least 42 states having utility-scale wind-powered projects. In addition, since they are common in rural areas, the locals can utilize the electricity to farm and perform other tasks.

In conclusion, electricity generation should be efficient, environmentally friendly, and done sustainably to ensure that the environment is not affected by man’s activities through industrialization.

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