Confirmed, Unconfirmed And Other Interesting Information On The Samsung Galaxy M12

Samsung Galaxy M12 doesn’t have an official launch date just yet, but the mobile phone is already getting the needed approvals for global release. The phone has already been spotted on the Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance approval site, confirming both the model number and the name of the handset. This Samsung handset doesn’t have a few features that you’ll find in most other handsets, and this is what makes it unique. This article will highlight some of these unique features of the Samsung Galaxy M12.

The Samsung Galaxy M12 has a unique dual-touch feature. At first look, it looks like a regular button with a touch-sensitive strip, however, upon closer inspection we noticed that this is not the case. Upon tapping on the home button, the screen shows two icons – one for the global clock and the second one for the contact management interface. You can double tap on either of them to quickly switch to the respective function. Although Samsung hasn’t specified any reason as to why the feature wasn’t present in the original version of the smartphone, we can understand why it was removed in favor of the dual screen feature.

An unusual feature of the Samsung Galaxy M12 is the presence of model number MSM11ebc on the device’s memory card. It’s not clear whether this model number has anything to do with the manufacturer or not. However, Samsung has previously leaked model numbers of its other high-end smartphones, including the Note series and the Galaxy S series. So it is possible that this model number has something to do with the new Samsung smartphone. This device does have an odd password, as it uses “123456” as the password, which is a typical password for a smartphone.

Another strange feature of the Samsung Galaxy M12 is the presence of what appears to be a beta version of Android 6.0, which Samsung claims is the latest operating system for devices manufactured by Samsung. Apart from this, there is also no mention of any other model number for the phone. The Samsung Galaxy M12 also lacks any headphone port, unlike many other Samsung handsets that come with built-in headphones.

In addition to these odd model numbers, the Samsung Galaxy M12 is also the first smartphone to receive a major smartphone certification. A Samsung employee confirmed to us that the handset has been certified by the United States Wi-Fi Alliance. However, we were unable to find any major manufacturer who has given the go-ahead to release the device before the deadline, which is set to October 14th. The device has also been certified by the European Mobile Industry Association (EMEA). This is the first time that the handset has received such certification.

With the Samsung Galaxy M12 is getting ready to hit the shelves, it is expected that a lot more leaks will come up in the coming days. Official Samsung announcements are expected to come up soon after the device gets into the market. If the leak reports are anything to go by, then Samsung may introduce two different models of the Galaxy M12. The first model will be powered by the Exynos chip set up and the second will be powered by an upgraded version of the same brand. So far, the leaked model numbers have shown a couple of different models.

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