What’s Inside the Latest AMD CPU?

The AMD Ryzen is the newest member of the Socket Rate Designs (SRD) family of AMD motherboards. All AMD Ryzen CPUs use exactly the same standard socket AM4 which is on-par with the Intel Extreme Machines. Gen 1 and Gen 2 Threadripper use a different TR4 socket, while all Gen 3 Threadripper use TRX4 as well. So to recap all of that: all AMD motherboards use the exact same AM4 sockets for all their AMD Ryzen CPU’s. Now, on to the important part.

AMD has really stepped it up big time when it comes to the design of their new generation processor. AMD has designed a chip that has twice the number of cores as Intel’s Core series. This is a very powerful processor. While it will ultimately be compared to the high end Intel processor, you should realize right off the bat that the AMD Ryzen is a truly remarkable and exceptional processor.

There are two different main designs of the AMD Threadripper and Thread XL. These are based on the high core count of each processor and the multi-core processing abilities. So far, AMD has not announced any intentions of releasing their new multi-core Threadripper in the consumer market. Only time will tell if they will ever release it or not, but one thing is for sure; we will most likely never see another Intel processor with as many cores on it as the Threadripper.

What makes the Threadripper so remarkable is the new technology they have integrated into it. To make a long story short, the AMD Threadripper is a very efficient and effective multi-core processor. It features an extremely efficient memory design and a fully optimized execution engine. In other words, what this means is that the threadripper allows the user to increase their CPU clock speeds without having to use extreme measures such as Turbo mode. This allows the user to experience optimal performance without worrying about increasing their CPU clock speeds at massive levels.

With all of these abilities working for you, it is easy to see why the Threadripper has become so popular with the computing community. However, the Threadripper also has another great advantage over the other traditional and high end cpus on the market today. The AMD Threadripper comes with a Precision Boost feature, which is an overclockable feature. The Precision Boost is what allows the threadripper to achieve much higher CPU clock speeds than even the highest end Intel models, which in turn allows the user to get extremely high processing power for a fraction of the cost.

Let us take a look at some of the other characteristics of these super high-end AMD processors. Unlike the Intel competition, AMD has designed the AMD Ryzen into a four-core processor. This is accomplished through the use of a new process called “x multipliers.” What this means is that the AMD Threadripper processor is built on a new architecture, but it is still able to leverage the incredible performance of previous-generation cores. In other words, everything that the older-generation processors were capable of, the new Threadripper processor is able to do, which helps open up a large segment of the market for these PCs.

There is one other feature that the overclocking community is excited about with the AMD Ryzen, and that is the inclusion of a very exclusive multi-core memory chip called the AMBA. Unlike some of the other multi-core chips that we have seen on other occasions, the AMBA is actually a separate socket within the motherboard, which means that this feature allows for an individual motherboard to support four different multi-core cores, which greatly expands the amount of cores that an individual PC can run at any given time. What this means for the consumer is that you are going to be able to experience incredible core speeds on all eight of your cores, allowing for extremely responsive gaming experiences.

AMD has priced its new Threadripper processor at a very affordable price, which should help consumers feel very comfortable in purchasing this desktop computer. While it does not have the high level of raw single-core performance that some of its older processors have, the Threadripper still packs a powerful punch. Its affordability also helps it compete against many of its competitors, including Intel, which is introducing its own new eighth-generation Intel Core i7-processor within the upcoming months. With the Threadripper on the desk, Intel will have to work a little harder than usual to push its processors into the position to compete with AMD. For now, however, it appears that AMD has priced its processor very reasonably, which should give PC enthusiasts plenty of reasons to wait for the new AMD Threadripper processors to hit the retail shelves.

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