Ownership of a Panasonic Toughbook – The Advantages

Gone are the days where business is conducted exclusively inside an office. Now, more and more tasks need to be completed offsite, which is why portable computers are required. Staff need a reliable machine when they attend conferences, meetings, field inspections and business trips, etc. The line of Panasonic Toughbooks has been a godsend for many companies. These laptops provide numerous benefits over traditional mobile PCs:

1) Robust Design

As its’ name suggests, these laptops are sturdily built. The ownership of a Panasonic Toughbook will leave you never concerned about drops, bumps, dust, spills, severe temperatures, vibrations, or other types of physical harm. These machines can be taken anyplace you have to go, irrespective of the conditions. They are made to pass the American Army’s MIL STD 810 G test, which means that they can withstand punishment.

2) Low Rates of Failure

Laptops can malfunction at inconvenient times. If this happens, your work is interrupted and time and money needs to be invested to resolve the problem. Panasonic Toughbooks have a reputation as dependable laptops, so this should not be an issue. Statistics show that their rate of failure is six times below the industry average — a highly impressive feature indeed.

3) Enhanced Productivity

Because Toughbooks rarely malfunction, the people who use them tend to be more productive. Tasks can be completed in a methodical way, with virtually no interruptions due to problems. If you have deadlines to meet, you need a laptop that works seamlessly and helps you to finish the task. The last thing you need is a machine that freezes regularly, and leaves you frustrated and behind schedule.

4) Reduced Ownership Costs

The front end price is not the whole story, as far as ownership costs go. Customers should think about the cash they may have to spend repairing faulty machines, and buying replacement components. The negative impact that a faulty laptop can have on a business needs to be taken into account too. Traditional laptops might cost less, however their regular downtime makes them precarious options for important business tasks. In contrast, Toughbooks use high quality materials and cutting edge designs, which push their price up. However, their reliability ensures a low ownership cost over the long term.

A Panasonic Toughbook is a solid investment that offers great returns. Companies that purchase these machines are guaranteed to benefit from excellent performance, reliability and durability, along with reduced maintenance and running costs.

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