Software Applications and Their Uses

Software applications are programs created to perform a particular task other than that of one usually associated with the operation of an electronic computer, usually for use by end-users. Word processors, music players, video players, and financial software are common examples. The collective word describes the entire range of software applications. They can be computer software used in a network environment, the Internet, or handheld devices. A software application may have many different functions, depending on the type of software application.

For example, there are web applications, e-mail applications, Office applications, desktop publishing applications, database management applications, gaming software, blogging software, image viewer, language applications, news reader, translators, spreadsheets, and web-development tools such as HTML, XHTML, PHP, and Java. These software applications are available for free from the Internet or from popular websites owned by individuals and companies. In addition, there are proprietary applications available for purchase from the Internet. The major advantage of open-source software is that it is available to everyone equally. It also allows experimentation at any time by users without restrictions.

Another major category of software applications is the term software application. Such app is a program developed to function as a single machine or system of machines. This app can execute its tasks simultaneously as long as there is an input device such as a computer and an output device such as a printer. A term program can perform various tasks such as data analysis, database maintenance, image processing, content creation, product creation, game development, financial software, and so forth. The term program also includes app suites, which are collections of related apps developed to run together smoothly.

Microsoft is the leading software applications developer. Its suite of products ranges from the personal computer like the Personal Computer (PC) to the enterprise level software like Microsoft Office Suite. In addition, Microsoft provides free access to its suite of products through its Microsoft Office Web Pages (OE WP) service. In addition to these, there are other minor products developed by Microsoft for specific applications. Examples of these are Microsoft Application Manager and Microsoft Business Center.

One of the software applications that became popular very quickly is Microsoft Excel. Excel is a business-oriented spreadsheet product. Excel also acts as an indispensable tool in the financial analysis fields. It is considered to be one of the most popular spreadsheet products because of its neat features, such as calculation of data rates and conversion between different currencies. Microsoft Office suite, which is also commonly known as Microsoft Office, includes Word Processing, PowerPoint, and Visual Studio Professional.

The other most popular software applications are Microsoft Access and Microsoft SharePoint. Microsoft Access is a general-purpose database management software application and SharePoint is an open source content management system. These two applications play a vital role in the construction of data-based organizations and e-commerce websites. While there are many other software applications for business management and organization, these two applications are most common. There are many other applications for software application development but these two applications are very useful and necessary for modern business needs.

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