Steps to be taken to ensure that your PC is running faster

Usually, if your computer or PC is a year or 2 years old then you may face some issues with it like slow down in basic functions. It might be caused due to several reasons that include the increased number of files over your system or there might be some bugs in your system. Though some of these issues can be prevented by taking necessary steps few of them are natural in a lifecycle of a computer. If your computer is just a few years old then you could follow certain strategies in order to make it run faster. This might not be applicable to the very old PC’s.

You could follow the below-specified steps to make your system run much faster:

1)    Update your computer: usually, when you update your system it would run faster than before. It would remove bugs and let your system run more efficiently.

2)    Shutdown/ restart your system regularly: most of them would leave their computers on even when they are not using it. When you shut down properly would allow you to clear all your temporary files and can start freshly.

3)    Upgrade your RAM: the random-access memory is the main component of a computer as its performance depends on RAM. It helps you to perform multiple operations at a time. The more RAM you have, the better your system would work.

4)    Delete temporary files: the temporary files have to be deleted as they would take unnecessary storage space and can slow your computer. Your system would work much faster after you delete the files.

5)    Uninstall unnecessary programs: installing more number of programs can also slow down your system so it’s important for you to go for the ones which you actually need on your system.

6)    Close your tabs: if you open a number of tabs and browsers it would obviously slow your system as all those are running files. Whenever you are done with the online work it’s always important to make sure to close all the tab which you aren’t using.

7)    Delete big files: if there is more amount of free space in your system then it would work much faster. So always delete the files which are of no use and which would take more space.

8)    Disable auto launching program: in may systems the programs would start the moment you on your system. Disable anything which isn’t important.

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