What are the fundamentals of robotics and why it is important for children to start learning at an early age

A robot can be defined as a man made machine that is designed to compute and perform different tasks. It operates on instructions that is being programmed in it. The main difference between an ordinary machine and robot is that of artificial intelligence. The software program in a robot can be updated and with each instruction provided in the updated version of the program, it’s performance enhances and improves.  Robotic scientists too work hard to try to improve the performance of their robots so that they can become better every day and become capable of performing the task with the same precision, accuracy and versatility as humans do. 

The fundamentals of Robotics science

The fundamentals of Robotics science has been inspired by the human brain. Our brain is in itself is a computer program that works on the instructions that is been provided to it since the day we are born. As the child is born, his parents and relatives starts giving him instructions which serves as program for the mind. He Learns most of the things that he do in his life through these instructions and mostly follows them sincerely. The same concept has been applied to develop robotics as well. 

There are certain advantages as well as disadvantages of robots. The main advantage is that they are able to perform a task much more accurately and without any fatigue than humans do. They can perform more effectively than humans because they simply work on the instructions provided and do not do anything else. Therefore, if the instructions provided to them are clear and accurate then the chance of error becomes more or less nil.

The main disadvantages of robots is that they are not able to react in emergency situations and cannot react on their own. They also lack the  emotional quotient that is needed to perform certain tasks. Apart from it, they also lack intuition. Robots are efficient and therefore they are a threat to the economy of the country because a good and effective robot can perform task of hundreds, thousands and even more of Manpower single-handedly.

It is important to develop the interest of a child as early as possible. Children are curious by nature and they should be given enough exposure to experience different kinds of things so that they can develop their interest and take their own decisions. If they start showing interest in Robotics at an early age, then it would be easier for them to develop the robotics knowledge as they grow old. Psychologically too, whatever affects a child’s brain in his early days has a big impact on him for the rest of his life. Therefore it is necessary to develop the right interest and develop their taste buds early so that best results can be achieved as they grow old. We hope that this article was able to generate some sort of interest towards Robotics. If you are looking forward for more interesting robotics articles, you can always get subscribe to us and we shall keep you updated as and when we post new and interesting articles on this subject. We appreciated the time you spend reading this article.

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