The importance of robotics in the world today and the future

The chief feature that distinguishes us from the animals and other species is our mind .  Human mind is much more developed than others species and that is the reason that the human race has progressed so much with respect to any other species on this planet.  Scientists have always being curious to experiment and they target to produce every natural thing artificially in their laboratories. One  of their most ambitious projects is to develop robots that behave more or less like humans.  In this article, we will introduce you to the world of robotics. 

Robotics for curious beginners

Robotics is an interesting topic which is the reason many why people search in Google for the topic ‘robotics for curious beginners‘.Robots are man made machines that look like humans and they are targeted to behave like humans as well.  The difference between a simple machine and a robot is that a regular machine simply follows the program that has been installed in it and performs all the tasks under the limitations of that program. A robot on the other hand are provided artificial intelligence and they  capable of taking feedback from the task that is being performed and they get updated. In this way, they gradually learn to do things in a better way than they did the last time. This steady process of development targets robots to develop to such an extent that one day they would become more less like humans and start performing the tasks just like humans do. 

The human mind is a curious one. We are always curious to know how things happen and you often want to go in depth and want to know more and more about less and less .  We are living in the modern world of science and technology and robotics is one of the most interesting in intruding subjects around.  It is amazing to see robotics scientists experimenting with the machines and the wonders of artificial intelligence growing stronger day by day. 

With the development of science and technology, Robotics science too has come a long way. While some people appreciate machines gradually taking over different tasks of man, some people are also sceptical about growing dependence of humans on machines and Robotics. However, we should understand that machines and Robotics have been invented by humans and hence they too are a part of us.

 Human mind in itself is a computer and the robotics and computers that we see around today is simply an expansion and extension of it. Once this concept is properly understood, it would be easier for us to accept machines and robotics and appreciate their efforts and contribution in the modern world.   

The future of robotics science is promising .  Right now, we can see that it is still in its early days and evolving.  But this process of evolution is quite consistent and the results thus far have been positive .  As more and more people are getting interested in robotic science , it’s future looks safe and promising.  We can expect it to go to the next level and in the next  couple of decades or so, expect robot behaving almost like humans .  This is the magic of artificial intelligence that is being created by us!

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